All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. Act well your part there all the honour lies. Youthopia brings you a stage to perform this unique skill of yours at what you are best and earn reward for the same. Entry fees: Rs 100/- per head Rs 300/- duo Rs 500/- team Time Limit: 1min-3min (solo) 3min-6min (duo) 6min-12min (team) Prize: 1st Prize: Cash Prize + Mementos + certificates 2nd Prize: Cash Prize + Mementos + certificates Participation certificate for all participants. 1. You can take part in solo, duo or in a team (max 15 members) 2. The time limits are: 1min-3min (solo) 3min-6min (duo) 6min-12min (team) 3. Negative points for exceeding the time limit. 4. Points will be given on the basis of innovation, team work (for duo and team) and expression 5. You can use either Hindi or English language (except Mime act).A musical act will also be considered. 6. The performance can be original or adaptation. contact: Tarun Pangaria-8191880047 Hemant Joshi-9084236074

Fees - 100/solo&300/duo&500/team


Ekta Sharma


Ritik Trivedi