Theatre is the greatest of all art forms that helps us express our self. People from different parts, speaking different languages and having different lifestyles comes together to describe art and craft of theatre and therefore describes our unity. Youthopia brings you ODEUM-2018 where you can excel with talent or triumph with efforts. Basic and common rules: 1. Participants should register themselves before participating; no on spot registration will be done. 2. Winners will be decided during final round. 3. NukkadNatak and Short Film don’t have a preliminary round. 4. Vulgar language, comment on national integrity, religion, politics etc should be avoided. 5. A decent and a proper dress code should be followed. No offensive or improper dress will be entertained. 5. Judges decision will be the last and final and cannot be altered. Participation certificate for all participants. contact: Tarun Pangaria-8191880047 Hemant Joshi-9084236074

Fees - 0


Ekta Sharma


Ritik Trivedi