COMBAT-DE-ROBO (Scheduled on 2nd November,2018) ABSTRACT: Fascinated by action mania Its time to create a new manga. Make a Robo hulk that you think will be stronger than any other possible Robo come fight with others and show them that you got something great. Design and construct a manually controlled wired or wireless robot that can destroy the bots of your opponents or can throw their bots out of the arena. From all corners they come through flame and fear, flipping, cutting, hurling maces the messiahs of destruction, all fighting for the crownThe carnage will be veiled, the damage catastrophic All at the Inter-collegiate Combat Robotics Championship, promising a wilder, fiercer competition this year. You could be forgiven for thinking that the machines youll see are from outer space or the depths of hell, but they are the wild, weird and wacky creations of skill full roboteers from all around the country. Equipped with the fiercest Weaponry and toughest armour, gears will grind and sparks will fly, much more is at stake as the robots battle it out in a bid to be the best. ROBOWARS is manufactured mayhem of the highest order. PROBLEM STATEMENT: Design and construct a remote-controlled robot capable of fighting a triple threat and one on one match tournament. DIMENSIONS AND FABRICATIONS: The machine should fit in a box of dimension (65 X 65 X 40 cm) at every given point of the time. The external device used to control the machine or any external tank is not included in the size constraint. The machine should not exceed 40 kg in weight(in case of wireless Bots ) 35 kg of weight (in case of wired Bots) including weight of pneumatic source/tank. Weight of external power source will not be included while inspection. Height of bot should not be less than 25 cm. The Minimum length of the wire should be 5 metre. DESIGN REPORT: Robots can have any kind of magnetic weapons, cutters, flippers, saws, lifting devices, spinning hammers etc. as weapons with following exceptions and limitations: Liquid projectiles. Any kind of inflammable liquid. Flame-based weapons. Any kind of explosive or intentionally ignited solid or potentially ignitable solid. Nets, tape, glue, or any other entanglement device. In any case arena should not be damaged by any robot. Machines like grinder, drill etc. Should not be used directly as weapon. However, Secondary use of these machines are allowed. GAME PLAY: Round 1: First round is of 12 minutes. 2 or 3 bots will battle for 10 minutes with pits open in the last 2 minutes. Only one robot advances to next round. Round 2: Wild card round: Two bots losing in round 1 are given a second chance to prove them again. Rules are same as Round 1. Only one robot advances to next round. Quarter Final: Two bots will battle in this round. Rules are same as Round 1. Only one robot advances to next round. Semi Final: Two bots will battle in this round. Its a 15 minute round with pits open in last 5 minutes. Only one robot advances to next round. Final Match: Two bots will battle in this round. Its a 20 minute round with pits open in last 5 minutes. There is one ultimate winner. CRITERIA OF VICTORY: A robot is declared victorious if its opponent is immobilized. A robot will be declared immobile if it cannot display linear motion of at least one inch in a timed period of 20 seconds. A robot with one side of its drive train disabled will not be counted out if it can demonstrate some degree of controlled movement. Pits will open after 10 minutes i.e. for 11th 12th minute. If a robot falls in the pit it loses. Last robot standing wins the round. In case both the robots remain mobile after the end of the round then the winner will be decided subjectively. Points will be given on the basis of aggression and damage. (Aggression is judged by the frequency, severity, boldness and effectiveness of attacks deliberately initiated by the robot against its opponent. If a robot appears to have accidentally attacked an opponent, that act will not be considered aggression). GENERAL RULES: Teams can register both online or offline for this event. Team members must carry valid student ID cards of their college which they will be required to produce at the time of registration at the venue. Each team can have a maximum of 5 participants. A team may consist of students from different colleges. The name of your machine must be prominently displayed on the machine. The organizers reserve the right to change the rules as they deem fit. Judges decision will be final and binding to all. When a team is called for match, they must report within five minutes otherwise, the other team would be declared as winner. The match is going to be held in a specified arena in which some hurdles may be present to increase the difficulties for the teams. The bots are not allowed to intentionally cut the opponents control wires. If any team found to do so, then it will be disqualified. Jumping and hopping is not allowed. Mentors will be provided to each team for guidance while making bot. ROBOT CONTROL REQUIREMENTS: The machine can be controlled with wires. Off board power supplies are not allowed. Refer below for further details on battery and power. If the machine is wired then the wire should remain slack under all circumstances during the competition. All the wires coming out of the machine should be stacked as a single unit. The wires should be properly insulated. Teams are suggested to use only rated wires. Loose connections or improper wiring may lead to direct disqualification even before the event. Remote control systems from toys might be used. Remote control systems available in the market may also be used. ARENA SPECIFICATIONS: Complete Arena as seen from the Top view is hexagonal in shape. Central rectangular part of arena is of dimension 420X200 cm and remaining isosceles triangles of sides 244 cm an base 420 cm. Arena will be elevated and height from the ground will be about 1.5 ft. There will be three entry points and a pit of death. Weapons will not be disclosed until the event starts. SAFETY RULES: Compliance with all event rules is mandatory. It is expected that competitors stay within the rules and procedures of their own accord and do not require constant policing. If you have a robot or weapon design that does not fit within the categories set forth in these rules or is in some way ambiguous or borderline, please contact the event management. Safe innovation is always encouraged, but surprising the event staff with your brilliant exploitation of a loophole may cause your robot to be disqualified before it even competes. All participants build and operate robots at their own risk. Combat robotics is inherently dangerous. There is no amount of regulation that can encompass all the dangers involved. Please take care to not hurt yourself or others when building, testing and fight. BATTERY AND POWER SUPPLY: All efforts must be made to protect battery terminals from a direct short circuit and causing a battery fire, failure to do so will cause direct disqualification. DC Power Supply will be provided (2 Batteries of 12 Volts) for operating the robot and for weapon AC or DC supply either can be used. NOTE: Only one connection point for AC supply will be provided. CERTIFICATE POLICY: Certificate of excellence will be given to the top 3 winners. Certificate of participation will be awarded to all the teams who qualifies. Disqualified teams will not be considered for any certificates. PRIZE MONEY: 1st: 12,000/-

Fees - 1000


Ekta Sharma


Ritik Trivedi