Description: A competition where participants compete against each other to prove their expertise in each major area of computer science Day 1: Stage 1: Participants will be given code snippets to correct it and also to make code snippets for a given task. Chosen few can only proceed to the next round. Stage 2: Participants will be required to code and construct programs, some basics and some advanced, and they will be rewarded points. Points will be given as per the question and its level. The ranking will be as per most points at the end of the game. Chosen few can only proceed to the next round. Day 2: Stage 3: Participants now compete to find information, from a website, or find open ports of an application. A basic information gathering session. A task will be assigned, and completion with successful viable information of the given task can proceed to the next round. Stage 4: In the final round, the participants will be asked to solve certain problems in Linux with the help of terminal. They might have to create shell scripts or can use tools, but everything has to be done strictly from terminal [Note: For day 2, participants will be provided a clue sheet. That sheet would help them with information and knowledge required for respective rounds. Everything they need to know to win that round will be there... All they need is to apply the information correctly. ] Rules: You are only allowed to use systems provided by us, in the lab. Internet is prohibited. You will be given a single chance, if you lose, you lose. You are not allowed to use any sheet or any material which is not provided by us. 1st Prize to Winners = ₹2300

Fees - 100


Ekta Sharma


Ritik Trivedi