IETE would like to submit its expression of interest in hosting Sumo Robot for this year’s Youthopia for the students of various institutions in the state of Uttarakhand. About Sumo Robot In this type of contest, 2 robots are placed on a playground within a large circle. The goal is to push the other robot out of the circle. Specifications Robot specifications:- Dimensions: 15 cm X 15 cm Weight: Must not exceed 1000 grams Power supply: 12 volts will be provided for the robot NOTE: Wireless robots will be given an extra point. Arena Specifications:- 90 cm diameter, with a line of 2.5 cm thick which will be the disqualification line for the match. Two robots will be placed 8 cm from each other before the match starts. Rules for the match Two Yuhkoh point will be provided when a robot has legally pushed the other robot to touch the space outside the arena, i.e. the white line. Yuhkoh point (1 point) will also be provided to the opponent if any robot touches the white line. In case of any technical issues, the robot will be given 30 seconds excuse time to resolve the issue. If a team manages to flip the robot of another team, two Yuhkoh point will be awarded. A match will consist of 3 rounds each round will be of 3 minutes. In case of sudden death / stalemate conditions, the winner will be decided by the judges. 1st Prize to Winners = ₹6000

Fees - 500


Ekta Sharma


Ritik Trivedi