Soccer is one of the most popular sports played in the world. This favorite sport is collaborated with robots, a thing of technical excellence that performs all manual tasks to reduce human work. This competition needs you to show how swift your robot can be in a soccer arena and score maximum goals. “A real time platform for applying computational intelligence.” Problem Statement: The task is to build three wired/wireless remote controlled robots which can assist the ball to the opponent’s goal post. The team who scores more number of goals, wins. Rules: Each team needs to assemble a total of 3 robots. 2. Two Robots can be strikers; one of which can be used as a midfielder. These would be used for scoring goals. 3. One of them would be a defender which can be employed as a goalkeeper. It would be used to stop the other team from scoring the goal. 4. The bots should be wired or wireless. Extra score will be provided to wireless bots. 5. The dimensions of the striker bots should be 30cm*30cm (maximum). No limitation of height in the case of strikers. If the bot exceeds the dimension limit the team will be disqualified. 6. The dimensions of the defender/goalkeeper should be 30cm*30cm*20cm (maximum). Height cannot exceed 20 cm in the case of defender/goalkeeper and maximum weight can be 3.5 kg. 7. The radius of the ball would be 5cm. 8. The dimensions of the goal would be 60 cm in width and 30 cm in height. 9. The chassis of the bots should not be readymade points will be deducted in case of readymade chasis. 10. There will be knockout game and the timing of each half will be 8 minutes. 11. Fixtures shall be finalized on the event day based on the participating teams. 12. Prior to the event day firstly tech inspection will be done & design report has to be submitted. 13. Only 12V DC power source could be used which will be provided by DIT University . 14. Organisers can make changes in the rules according to game conditions. 15. The minimum and maximum number of members in a team are 4 and 6 respectively. 16. Depending upon the no of teams registered 2 groups will be formed followed by a league stage and then, direct final in between the top team of both groups. . 1st Prize to Winners = ₹8000

Fees - 600


Ekta Sharma


Ritik Trivedi