RACE-DE-ROBO PROBLEM STATEMENT: To build a manually controlled wired or wireless robot that has the capacity to cover maximum distance in shortest possible time and capable off negotiating different kind of obstacles and completing the designated track if so get it on the track and let the game begin. GENERAL RULES: No human intervention is allowed in between the race. The track will contain certain number of check-points and if the bot goes out of the track then it has to start with the previous checkpoint. Point description will be disclosed on the spot before commencement of event. This will be solely based on total cumulative points of previous round One should not use the wires for lifting up or moving the bot. Points earned will be calculated within the time limit and free time of 2 min will be provided Only once if any technical problem occurs. In case of any discrepancies organizers decision will be final and binding. The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the rules as they desire. Maximum number of members of team on field at a time is two. ROBOT SPECIFICATIONS: Only wheels are allowed for locomotion, conveyer belts may be used. The wireless bot will get extra leverage on marks. The bot should fit in a box dimensions 40x40x20 cm. At all times, bots behaviour should be no offensive, non-destructive and non-harmful to humans and track. Bots are not allowed to fly or jump. Internal combustion engine cannot be used. Also, bot must not emit smoke or fire, leak, stain or soil, spray, throw or use projectiles. Use of IC engines or compression is not allowed. All vehicles must depend only on motors for their propulsion and control. The person who have made the robot should be able to explain the circuit and the program uploaded (if any). Only 12V DC power source will be supplied no AC source will be provided. TEAM SPECIFICATIONS: Any team can participate in Robo Race. A team may consist of 3 to 5 members. These participants can be from same or different institutes. Team Representative: Each team must specify their Team Representative (Leader)at the time of registration on the website. All-important communications between organizers and the registered teams will be done through Team Representative. Each student must have a valid Id Card of their college. Team should check their bots properly before racing if there is any technical fault just before racing you are disqualified. Teams start their vehicles at starting line, on a signal given by the event coordinators. The timing will begin as soon as the signal is given. Your vehicle should always remain inside the track. If your vehicle leaves the track, at any point of time, it gets penalized. The coordinators hold the direction to restart a race, in case of a valid reason to do so. PRIZE MONEY: 1st: 8,000/-

Fees - 600


Ekta Sharma


Ritik Trivedi