Battle of Bands


A battle judges your ability to overcome your fears and face the music. Ampchaos is the celebration of bands to present their best and battle for their title. The arena is open and so is the challenge. Come along and show us what you got. Genres Allowed :


The prelims will be held on the day of the event. Reporting time is 9:00 AM. No entries shall be entertained after 10:00 AM.
The screening will begin at 10:30 sharp. The decision of the judges and the organizing team is final and binding.

Registration & Prize money :
There is a Rs.1500/- registration fee and an exciting cash prize of Rs.20, 000 for the winning band. Acceptable form of payment is cash and payment must be submitted along with official entry form.

Rules & Instruction :
?All the band members must be enrolled in a professional college and should be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.
?Registrations are to be done online and payment of registration fee is to be made on the day of the event.
?Entry fee is non-refundable under all circumstances including withdrawal from the competition.
?Top 6 bands will be selected in the screening round to perform live.
?All bands must consist of minimum three (3) members.
?The name of the band and the lyrics of the songs (to be performed) should not contain any obscenities. ?Management/Co-ordinators and the judges reserve the right to disqualify a band at discretion due to misconduct.
?Each band has to get its own instruments. Only a common drum kit will be provided.
?All the participants must be courteous and respectful towards other participants and bands.
?Use of any illegal substance will not be tolerated. If any band member is suspected to be under influence of an illegal substance, the band shall be disqualified and the proper authorities will be notified.
?There will be a strict time limit of 20 minutes (including the sound check) for each band. For every minute exceeding the 20 minutes limit, the band will be penalized in their final scoring.
?Bands are not allowed to use pre-recorded sound materials. All bands must play live.
?Bands are responsible for the security of their equipments. DIT University, Dehradun and the Student Co-ordinators will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen equipments.

Judging Criteria :
?Music: This criterion is based on clarity, lyrical content and overall musical performance.
?Stage Presence and Crowd Interaction: This Criterion is based on how well the band "rocks out" and how well the band connects with the crowd.
?Appearance and Personality:This criterion is based on the overall look and personality. If you want to be a rock star, you need to look the part!
?Crowd Applause: The key ingredient to rock stardom- THE FANS!
?Time Limit: The band performing even after the given time limit will have negative marking.

Fees - 1500


Ekta Sharma


Ritik Trivedi