Festin Beats(solo)


1. There are 4 categories namely, Classical Solo, Western Solo, Duet, & Group

2. Choice of songs is open to all the participants.

3. Entry fee is non-refundable under all circumstances including withdrawal from the competition.

4. Minimum no. of members in a group is 5.

5. For groups, minimum 5 dancers are supposed to be on stage during the entire performance.

6. Time Limits of Performances (Auditions) Group : 3-4 minutes Duet: 1.5 - 3 minutes Solo: 1-2 minutes

7. Time Limits of Performances (Main Performances)
Group    : 6-9 minutes
Duet:  3-5 minutes
Solo: 3-5 minutes
** Note: Negative Marking for being out of time range.

8. Registration fee:
GROUP – Rs 500 (No. of members <=8)
In case members are more than eight, there’ll be extra fee of Rs 50 per member exceeding the limit. i.e. Rs. (500 + n*50) in case, no. of  members = 8 + n.
DUET – Rs. 200
SOLO – Rs. 100

9. The participants are requested to report in an hour before the auditions.

10. Participants are requested to submit their tracks to the coordinators at least 30 minutes prior auditions and one hour prior the main event on 24th November, 2018 and should keep 2 copies with themselves at all times.

11. No props will be provided by the co-ordinators. Participants can carry their own props.

12. Dance performance should not convey any kind of indecent gestures.

13. Green room would be provided for changing purposes.

14. All the dancers should be costume ready and warmed up one hour prior to their scheduled performance.

15. Performers must enter and exit the stage from backstage at all times.

16. During scheduled performances, dancers are never permitted to enter the audience or exit/jump off of the front of the main stage at any time.

17. Decisions of the judges will be final & binding.

18. Participants are requested to be considerate of the venue & staff, and to clean up anything left behind in the green room or stage.

19. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted.

Note* - Please do not hesitate to contact the co-ordinators with any questions or concerns!

Fees - 100


Ekta Sharma


Ritik Trivedi